5 Simple Steps

1. Get in touch with us!

Let us know how you want to be contacted and we’ll work with you. We can chat, e-mail or talk on the phone. Once we connect, we’ll match you with your mortgage banker. They will be your go-to person. From time to time, you may also hear from a client care specialist.

Every single team member at All American Lending is here to make you happy – so let us know if you’ve got questions. If something doesn’t feel right, tell us! You can reach our Client Relations team directly at 1-(866) 638-6363.


2. We'll talk.

When we first talk, we’ll ask you some questions about what you need and what you’re looking for in a lender AND in a loan. Then we’ll match you with loan options and offer expert advice to help you meet your goals. We’ll evaluate your needs and help you choose from a variety of loan options, including fixed, adjustable-rate and FHA loans. Then, we’ll use our years of experience to match you with a loan and a mortgage payment you can feel comfortable with.


3. We'll set you up with an application & accept your deposit.

Once we find the loan option you love, we’ll send you your application. Don’t worry – we can do this online, using our secure, exclusive technology, and make it easy to review and approve the application. And, if any part of it seems confusing, your mortgage banker will be there to walk you through it.

We accept a deposit from all of our clients. This money will begin to cover the costs incurred to process your loan like your credit report, appraisal and title work. When you close your loan, you’ll see your deposit as a credit against the total of your closing costs on your closing documents.  

4. We'll get to work for you.

This is when the magic happens! We’ll get to work behind-the-scenes underwriting your loan. We’ll set up your appraisal, handle your title work, deal with taxes and insurance and getting your current loan paid off (if you’re refinancing). It’s rather boring stuff, but our cutting-edge technology allows us to do all of it before you could even begin to worry about it.


5. We'll wrap up all the loose ends.

When all the “fun stuff” is said and done, we’ll get in touch to set your closing date. We’ll go over all your paperwork before you actually close to make sure you’re happy with everything. If you’re not, just tell us. We’ll make every effort to address your concerns.